This College is running in a World Class Building at Gangrar (Chittorgarh) with modern Classrooms, well furnished Library, fire safety, water cooler, well equipped Laboratory, Language Lab, Psycho Lab, E.T. Lab, separate Common Rooms for boys and girls, Multipurpose Hall, Play Grounds, Separate essential facilities for Staff and for Boys and Girls, and with other essential accommodations. In addition to it hostel, canteen and mess facility is also available for the students.Click PDF

Details of Infrastructure

1- Classrooms: There are sufficient well furnished Theatre Classrooms in the campus with light, fans, blackboard facility. 70 Students can sit in each of the classrooms at a time.

2. LIBRARY CUM READING ROOM: Library is the heart of the Educational Institutions. Falling into the line of this concept the management has developed a well equipped library containing 11084 registered books. In addition to it the Reference books, encyclopedia, dictionaries, Educational Research Books, Year Books etc are also available in the Library. A separate Book-bank facility is also available in the Library of this College. The students get books from the Book-Bank for the whole session. They can also get books issued for fifteen days turn by turn on the basis of the Library Card of this college. There is a Reading-room attached with the library with Educational Publications, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers etc.

Library Resources

01 Name of Librarian Sh. Kishanlal
02 Total Title No. of Books 11084
03 Number of Books added to the library this year 5265
04 Dictionaries 21
05 Year books 48
06 Educational journals 09
07 Periodicals & Magazines 28
08 Encyclopedia 28
09 Reference Books 955
10 News Papers 07
11 Sitting Capacity 50 Student at a time

Psychology Lab: To deal with the students for the knowledge of Educational Psychology is necessary so we have developed a Psychology Lab with latest Psychology Tests and Apparatus. The Pupil Teachers administer the test on the students and prepare a report on their experiences. They also deal with the apparatus to make the concepts clear.

Language Lab:
We have equipped a Language Lab with a Radio set, Tape Recorder, CDs, Language Software, Cassettes to improve pronunciation and learn Sentence Patterns, Charts, Posters, Flash Cards, Microphone, Dictionaries of Hindi and English Language etc.

ICT Resource Centre
There is an ICT Resource Centre in our College well equipped with Computers and Internet, Windows XP, office 2007.

Educational Technology Lab
OHP Projector for Presentation, TV set, Mike Set, Home Theatre, Speakers, LCD Projector, Computer with Printer, Photo Copy Machine, Head Phone, Camera, DVD Player, Mega Phone, Models, Charts, Pictures, Maps, Magnet Board, Flannel Board are available in the institution and used by the Lecturers and Pupil Teachers time to time.

Science Lab
The College has established a Science Lab to develop scientific attitude among the Pupil Teachers for practical knowledge with essential equipments and using them during teaching to make it effective

The students learn making the best use of the waste material and prepare teaching material for teaching Aid. They have also prepared Block Print, Spray Painting, Bandhej, Wooden Panting, Emboss Panting, Mirror Painting, Embroidery, other items representing artistic skills etc. Utensils for general use are also available in the institution.

Games The facility for various types of indoor and outdoor games is available including Chess, Carom, China Checker, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Skipping, Ring, Volley Ball and Basket Ball. The facility of Indoor Games for girls is also available in College.
The facility for Long Jump, High Jump, javelin Throw, Disk Throw and Hammer Throw is available in this College.

Harmonium, Dholak, Manjira, Ball-bells, etc are available in the institution to develop ascent and aesthetic sense to enjoy and perform various songs and dances to bring out the inner traits of the students use them time to time


The Session starts with the Orientation Programme, in which the students are introduced regarding the Curricular and Co-curricular activities which are to take place during the session. For conducting seminars and workshops a projector is available here for presentation, so that the pupil teachers can perform their skills. Guest Lectures are also arranged in this Hall time to time.

There is a well equipped Multi-purpose Hall with the capacity of sitting 200 students. All the Literary and Cultural Activities, Jayanti-celebrations, General Meetings, Workshops, Presentations are organized here time to time along with the Morning Prayer Assembly every day.

A well furnished, neat and clean, purely a Vegeterian Canteen is available for the Staff and Students for their breakfast, refreshment, lunch, supper on reasonable rates maintaining quality.

MCTT, Gangrar makes buses available for the students and faculty separately from Chittorgarh and Bhilwara on nominal payment. Parking facility for the buses is also available here in the Campus.

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